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Here's The 6 Module Backlink Building Course

The truth is we no longer use tricks and blackhat methods because Google will eventually slap us and our system is so good we don't even need to use those risky methods anyway.

Module 1: Introduction To The Way We Do Backlinks

In this video, you will learn why you should focus on creating quality backlinks. You'll be given a quick overview of all the videos in this video series and how it all works together. You'll also learn what tools you need to get started, which we'll stick to free tools as much as possible.

Module 2: EDU Backlinks Extravaganza

.EDU sites are seen in Google's eyes as quality links. However, you can't just put your link on a bunch of EDU blogs. Before you go about doing this, there are several things you need to pay close attention. In this video you will learn shortcuts to finding EDU blogs that allow you to comment on them, since not every blog will allow you to make comments.

Module 3: The Great GOV Backlinks

Just like the video above, .GOV sites are seen in Google's eyes as high quality links. However, with .GOV sites, there are several things you need to be aware of and be careful that you do not do. Obviously you are posting on Government related sites, so there are some things you want to avoid. In this video you will also learn shortcuts to finding GOV blogs that allow you to comment on them, since not every blog will allow you to make comments.

Module 4: Awesome Article Backlinking

No, articles are not dead. The big recent Google slap has scared many people because it cut sites like Ezinearticles.com's traffic almost in half. However, follow these steps and create good quality content, and you will get good quality backlinks to your site. There's a specific system you will learn in this video series that will allow you to go about doing this and not worry about the next Google slap.

Module 5: Fantastic Facebook Backlinks

This is not necessarily a backlink trick, but instead an SEO related trick. We thought we would add this one, because it's something you can do fast and easy and get some good rankings. In this video, you will learn how to rank top 10 simply by creating valuable facebook fan pages.

Module 6: Top Secrets And Automation

Want to explode your link count in terms of quality links? In this video, you will learn a way to explode your backlinks thru automation. While some automation can actually harm you, some can actually help you. In other words, there is a good way of doing it and there's a bad way of doing it. Without giving everything away, we will be dealing with software in this video, so it is merely optional in case you want to speed up the process of backlink generation.

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Module 4: Awesome Article Backlinking - $27 value
Module 5: Fantastic Facebook Backlinks - $27 value
Module 6: Top Secrets And Automation - $27 value

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