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Hey Jeff, Got the product this afternoon. Ridiculous!!! This is over-delivering at it's best. If you are a noob on the forum or even experienced You have got to get a hold of this. Without quetion the videos are so full of quality in a concise, simply structures format you will absolutely appear to be authoritative after watching this.

OF course you have to do what the videos suggest, IM doesn't rely on osmosis.

But for less than what you would spend for coffee at Dunkin Donuts you are getting a load of info and the resource list is worth $10 by itself

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Like I told you before, You always deliver, and have good stuff for us good job buddy.


Look at the amount of real blog comments I've gotten on just one of my blogs using this method for only the last 20 or so blog post, without a large following..

Here's a paypal screenshot as you can see they payments are not all the same amount which shows that multiple different products were purchased

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As you know, many methods others teach you simply DO NOT WORK FOR YOU.

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There are methods you can use to quickly and easily gain more authority and as a result bring in sales, subscribers and traffic easier than ever before.

These methods don't require you to do lots of labor intensive work and are fun to do. You don't need to have a big following or even any friends in that niche.

All you have to do is follow the simple steps laid out for you then implement the lazy authority method as much or as little as you want and sit back to watch your rabid following and profits grow.

Sounds cool right?

Listen, I know this might sound overwhelmingly complex and it's really not, but it needs to be explained step by step so I decided to combine everything you need to become an authority in any niche for you to take advantage of today.

I Call This Stunning Secret The...
Lazy Authority Method

A 5 video course showing you step by step exactly what to do to become a trusted authority in your niche.

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Video 1 - Psychology Of An Authority

Video 2 - Creating Crushing Content

Video 3 - Comment Increasing Secrets

Video 4 - Pimp Your Blog For Max Authority

Video 5 - New Fans Blog Commenting Secrets

I can personally back up that this stuff works!

Jeff Says: Thanks Thom, yes good point... I've seen you implement some of these techniques and I know they work for you

Thom Says: Funny you should mention that Jeff. I've just finished going through the videos and was going to post a comment about their quality, and how the system you use has actually turned out to be very close to the one I use. No need for that now.

(this does mean that I can personally back up that this stuff works!)


Although this sounds like your investment today is going to cost you $100s... it won't.

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I'm going to be honest with you, I should be charging a lot more because we all know how valuable being a trusted authority and having a rabid following with minimal effort really is.

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Your Fast Action Bonuses

Facebook Youtube Authority Method

This video details how to use the 2 most important social media sites Facebook and Youtube to establish more authority and trust using simple quick tactics.

Blog Content Authority Multiplier

In this report I reveal how you can use your blog content and make it appear more valuable. You'll see how to make your following love you even more with very little extra work.

Lazy Authority Email Templates

Listen, I know writing emails to gain authority and rabid fans is not easy, so I'm hooking your up with some of my best email strategies to have your email open and click through rate going through the roof... and that means more sales!

These templates are not based on trickery, but are based on getting lots of opens and clicks while at the same time being honest and straight forward.

Of course this goes great with the rest of the course you're getting today.

This is an absolutely MUST-HAVE package of videos and resources if you're wanting to create an aura of authority around yourself, which will certainly help you in building a following of people who will listen to what you say and, ultimately, buy from you.

I'm definitely going to be putting most of these methods into practice right now!

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Michael Thorsett

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