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Hey my friend,

It's time to dominate the fastest growing marketplace in the world, it's true the Kindle marketplace is exploding with over 12,000,000 Kindle books sold in 2011 Alone!

Do You Want Access To Millions Of Buyers?

Kindle Fire is on fire! (it's the fastest selling tablet, yes faster than iPads) not to mention iPhone, iPad and other smart phone users buying from the Kindle app in record breaking #s

Problem Solved: I Have No Money To Invest

Guess what? you can start selling Kindle books for FREE since the only thing you really need is Open Office (which is free) or MS Word (if you already have it). You DONT need a website ($7-$12), Hosting ($7 a month) or Autoresponder ($20 a month)... 100% FREE Businesses Are Rare Even Online

Problem Solved: Amazon Now Removes Duplicate Content From The Kindle Marketplace

While this may seem like a problem it's actually an opportunity for people like us to make more money since there is a lot less competition. The truth is it's extremely easy and fast to make unqiue content (even from PLR or public domain) or publish existing content without editing it at all since almost nobody else knows about my secret content sources

Problem Solved: I Don't Like To Write

This is NOT a problem in fact I show you several ways to get other people to write your books for you (some of them are free). You could even get someone else to add the books to Kindle for you if you don't want to spend a few minutes doing it yourself...

That leaves you collecting MONTHLY CHECKS

I know this sounds too good to be true and normally I would agree but in this rare case it's completely possible BUT you must know how to create books people want to buy and you must know how to do it for free or dirt cheap.

Introducing The Kindle Publishing System
Autopilot Income Edition

In this impressive 12 Module course you'll see what it takes to dominate on Kindle by quickly creating hot books or getting someone else to do it for you and extend your autopilot monthly income quickly and easily by publishing your book on 3 other top marketplaces outside of Kindle

Inside The 12 Videos, Audios & PDFs You Will Uncover

This is a must have package for anyone who is interested in publishing kindle friendly ebooks.

A lot of times you purchase something and it is overblown with fluff to fill it up. That is not the case with this package. It does exactly what it says. The lessons are in very managerble chunks, that show the exact parts of each process and can be watched individually or as collection.

-Vince Andrews

Plus You Will Discover All This...

I've had the opportunity to have a look at most of the material and I am stunned. I really find it difficult to figure out how you can sell this at such a ridiculous price.

And yes, this is massive! I'm still downloading (last file now...). Quality is excellent and covers E-V-E-R-Y-T-H-I-N-G about publishing on Kindle in great detail. I have a few books on Kindle as well - but by going through some of the material I already discovered quite a number of golden nuggets which will serve me well, I'm sure!


Why Are You Giving This Away For Almost Nothing Today?

To be honest we should be charging $197 for this considering the massive amount of value inside (which we haven't even mentioned most of it) and most people would still think we were giving them a good deal since this is one of those courses where you could run with it and be making a full time income doing almost nothing - who doesn't want that?

We also know the value in giving you an excellent over the top deal, it's good for business! you're more likely to buy from us in the future especially once you start seeing real results

The income this business model provides is life changing and we want to get it into your hands regardless of how much money you do or don't have right now

Just imagine being able to tell your family and friends you make lots of money through publishing books, you can provide for yourself and your family... have more freedom, money to go on trips, buy a new car or simply pay off your debts and bills - Isn't it time for a change?

Your Super Awesome Bonuses

Bonus 1 > 5 Keys To $10,000 A Month

This is a 15 minute presentation about the process of taking your business to $10,000 or more a month. It received excellent feedback when I gave this presentation live to a small group. This course consist of a video, audio and PDF.

You'll finally discover what it really takes and my shortcut that I use to get there faster, with less effort (even almost completely passive). Plus I give you actual business model ideas you can use that can have you reaching $10,000 a month.

Bonus 2 > Product Creation Crusher

Instantly join in on the lucrative product creation game by finding out how to create hot selling high quality info products faster and easier than you ever thought. You'll be able to rack in tons of affiliate cash and big back end profits not to mention build a nice list of buyers.

You'll see how to get other people to send tons of traffic to your sales page and convert them into happy customers with my 7 steps to a high converting sales page technique, so you have everything you need to crush it and make $1,000s as a lazy product creator and affiliate marketer.

Bonus 3 > Content Service Profits

This course explains exactly how to sell content as a service which is always in demand for premium prices, you can even have other people write the content for you so that you make completely passive income. You'll see the top places to sell this service and the top places to buy it so that you earn a profit every time. Not to mention different types of content you can sell and what niches are the best to sell content in.

This business alone can be scaled up to $1,000s per month and it goes perfect with the Kindle Publishing System since you can use many of the same tactics for both to blast your profits through the roof by doing little to no work!

My Personal No-Questions Asked Money Back Guarantee!

Here's what I want you to do. I want you to get your hands on this course right now. Go through just the first ten minutes of this course, and if you already don't feel in ten minutes that you've gotten multiple times your investment today, then I demand you contact me, and I will return every penny of your purchase to you quietly and promptly. No questions asked.

Even Better I'll let you keep the product and make lots of money with it, or wait up to 120 days to ask for a refund so you only stand to gain by saying yes today.

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I checked out the video section of the course and they're of a quality that you would expect from a high-end product. Each one comes with a clean design and subtle music intro that leads into an informative voiceover.

What I really like about this particular package is that each video has an overview with objectives for the module, which it then proceeds to meet through high-quality and high-info slides, including a great walkthrough of the Kindle submission process (which was all new to me).

He also fully explains the targeting of your e-book creation so that it suits your audience, as well as explaining the most profitable approach to publishing. One could easily do one's own research as per the videos and then outsource it to someone else to do the actual writing and create a profitable business that way.

-Matt Duggan

PS This is your last chance to start a business for 100% free or pay someone else to do everything and all you have to do is sell a few measily books to pay for this entire course can you really afford to pass this up? You even get 120 days to make your money back if you don't ask for your money back, it's that simple!

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