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Thank you for the great product. 6 Fast Cash Tactics is just that, 6 actionable methods that can be used to generate quick cash. It is refreshing to get a product that actually teaches what it says. The reason I say actionable is because if you take this guide and actually take action, you will make money.

So I suggest you give a go. This is a straight to the point no fluff guide that will jump start your thinking on how to make money quickly. Thank you again for a great product.

-Eldridge Chism

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I know this sounds too good to be true and normally I would agree however in this rare case it's completely possible BUT you must know how to actually do the method(s) in the most effective way

As a newbie, I found a lot of great and useful information to keep me moving forward in my internet marketing journey. I give Fast Cash Tactics

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-Mario Janevski

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Tactic 1 - Simple Affiliate Video Cash Grabber

Tactic 2 - Offline Marketing Cherry Picker

Tactic 3 - Walk In The Park Webinar Method

NICE! This report really is filled with nothing but great ideas. There's something for everyone here. Tactics #1 and 4 are my favorites because they fit in with what I'm doing at the moment...

Everyone knows that video is a great marketing tool but the method you give is so simple even I can do it.

I love CPA and tactic #4 is genius in my opinion.

You really do think outside the box and kick basic ideas up a notch!

-Lesley Wilson-Klatt

Tactic 4 - Super Cinch CPA

Tactic 5 - Effortless Website Flipping Formula

Tactic 6 - Too Easy Trade Bit Takeover

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I wasn't expecting such incredible information as this and to be honest I'm stunned that you're selling this at such a ridiculously low price are you crazy or a genius Jeff? ..maybe both!

-Jason Leston

You're Giving Me A Sweet Deal Right Jeff?

To be honest I could have easily turned this into 6 separate products and sold each one for $27 and most people would have thought that was a great deal, even my private high end coaching students think these tactics are too powerful to practically give away.

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I have been around the block awhile in Internet Marketing and it is rare when a product can direct me to a few resources that I havent heard of before. This product DOES JUST THAT and has EXCELLENT takes on several topics that I really need help with. What a fantastic way to get your feet wet, earn some money and have some fun. I recommend this product and will be using a couple of these tactics right away.

The best part about this product is that it contains GREAT tactics for stuff that I KNOW I SHOULD be doing but currently am not. Now I have a reall great blueprint to get some real income heading my way really fast. Best of all there are 6 different tactics so if one or two isn't up your alley (only the offline marketing tactic is one I won't be implementing ASAP) you will still find some absolute gold in there tactics! First rate product!!

-Dean Jerome

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I think that if anyone wants some very easy ideas to implement to make some fast cash they need to get your report.

I personally will be trying #1,4,5,6 this weekend time permiting. These are some great ideas and even though i am fairly new at all of this, not exactly a newbie, i know by taking action on these they can make me some badly needed capital to put into other parts of the buisness. Thank you for giving me the opportunity to review your report. When i have some results after implementing these i will let you know.

Thank you,
-Wayne Bolster

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What a great course! Definitely worth every penny times 10!

-Max Rubenstein

I had the luck to get a copy of this guide and I honestly can say that I was surprised of the quality of the purposes. Sometimes when we speak about fast tactics they pretend to make us swallow some methods who are clear that they simply will not work.

At the perfect opposite this guide gives you 6 different realistic ways to put money in your account without month of work but days.

The first one for example is the synthesis on how to make money with video and affiliates programs.Not every affiliate programs but the big Networks like Amazon and Commission Junction.I think that you know that videos are feequently not used to rank in the first page of google.I mean that there are still a lot of keywords who can be approached with a video without competition practically.It is enough to apply some SEO to the video description and title and you can have it really fast in the first page of big G.

So the method without revealing too much is about placing those videos in the first pages of Google.

Second method is Offline marketing pills where Jeff outlines a smart method combined with outsourcing to make money from local commerces or professionals.

Third one is a combination between solos ads and webinars but not the way you think.Actually you will not make any webinars not you!!You will end up with a sweet list to email them your affiliate offers.

Well to make this review brief I dont want to bother you this guide is something brilliant smart and fresh.I had some Ahah moments myself and I am an old marketer.

So I can suggest you this product without any fear to be denied by someone.

The guide is so sweet that even for a non English speaking like me it was a pleasure to read.

If you want to cash in a couple of afternoons for example now that holidays are coming this is the perfect product and Jeff Bode is a very good trainer.

This is my opinion thanks and go ahead buy it it is a no brainer!!

-Paolo Orlando

PS This is your last chance to finally make some easy cash with any one of 6 methods that could all be sold seperately for more than the price you'll pay today can you really afford to pass this up? You even get 56 days to make your money back, if you don't ask for your money back it's that simple!

HUGE Discount Only $9.90 !!!

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Dont wait just buy this... you will be super happy you did!

-John Polvade

He makes a "tongue in cheek" joke about there being no fluff and he is right. No fancy graphics to get in the way, just the meat and he gets right to it. Without spilling too much info so as to make his product useless, I will hit the highlights.

Tactic 1 is all about video. Screen capturing and leveraging YouTube and Google. We ALL know we need to do this, but I for one am not doing it at the moment. He offers a GREAT TACTIC on how to create a simple video and using a couple of pinging and backlink resources that I had not heard of, says you should be able to garner some nice cash. I am going to try it for sure. Tactic 1 is solid.

Tactic 2 is all about offline marketing. This is very hot in the IM world at the moment and the tactic is solid. I have done a great deal of offline marketing so I wont be implementing this right away. It is a good tactic for getting new clients and what to do with them one get one. Especially valuable are the 4 main categories he suggest you target first. Tactic 2 passes muster.

Tactic 3 is all about webinars and how to make a little money piggybacking off webinars that are already being done or doing some yourself. No doubt that webinars are hot and I have attended many although have not put on one myself. But I have always kinda wanted to. This tactic is FILLED with great resources that I had not heard of, and of course GoToMeeting which everyone has heard of. This tactic is one of the best in the whole product. I am going to implement it fairly soon so stay tuned to my website for more details.
First rate tactic!

Tactic 4 is all about CPA, cost per action and it is in my opinion, the best one in the book. I have always wanted to get some CPA stuff going and have not tried to yet. I have approved by a couple networks but now I have a really good tactic to use to generate some nice cash. This is worth the price of the book for me and you too if you are interested in CPA.

Tactic 5 is about flipping websites and the resource he mentions is flippa.com which I am very familiar with. My strength is developing Wordpress blogs so I have always thought this might be a good avenue for me to check out. This is a simple tactic that just might work for me. I am going to put it on the back burner because I have enough on my plate but when I get to website flipping, I will use THIS tactic first.

The final tactic is about creating PLR packages and selling them on tradebit.com. This seems to be a simple tactic and one that may make a little money but by Jeffs own admission, extremely low payouts. It may be a good exercise to create a package or two and see if you can sell it, but the rest of the tactics are so strong I think I will forgo this for now.

-Dean Jerome

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