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Hi Jeff,

I just bought it, went through it and it is excellent.


Thanks for sharing this with us. My personal favorites are your Joint Venture and Listbuilding strategies. Cool outside of the box thinking to maximize profits.

Hot Stuff!

-Monika Morley

I've bought quite a few gigs but...

Well, this really blows the lid off Fiver!

I never thought of putting a gig on before because I didn't want to waste my time for just a few dollars. I'm not going to reveal Jeff's methods, but these pretty smart strategies that even a newbie can follow and scale up.

Top stuff!


We go beyond Fiverr and show you some pretty crazy stuff including things that can lead to $1,000s without you having to set up a single Fiverr gig

These are the secrets that can have you quiting your 'JOB' ...crazy huh?

We also cover a TON of our TOP 'Quick & Easy gigs' we use to stuff our pockets with super easy profits

But first let me share the story of how I got this underground Fiverr expert to share his Best Secrets for a limited time
for way less money than he should have...

It all started when I was on Facebook and I mentioned that I was upset that my server was down again!

Suddenly a Facebook chat opens up (FYI I hate that thing!) - It was an old friend from high school...

We made small talk and we started talking about running an internet business

He said he just put up his first Wordpress website and was pretty new to internet marketing

Then he mentioned something that SHOCKED ME!

He said, "So far I've made most of my money from Fiverr... about $8,000 at this point"

I was thinking yeah right! this dude who barely has any internet marketing knowledge is banking $8,000 from Fiverr!!

He mentioned he was Soo Sick of his job and his horrible boss and was looking to increase his profits a little bit more before saying good bye to that life draining job...

Being the nice guy that I am I offered to help him out with his internet marketing if he offered to share his best Fiverr secrets

Thank God he agreed because this stuff he shares is awesome and newbie simple... he has now made over $13,000 from Fiverr and $1,000s more from Fiverr related income streams

I also got him to agree to sell this for way less than it should be sold for... after I explained what a WSO was to him

Because We Both Agreed...

If you're selling on fiverr and you're not using these powerful tactics you're missing out on
$1,000s in easy profits

If you're Not using fiverr you're missing out on some of the easiest money you'll ever make ...and I'm not talking about time consuming crazy gigs - I'm talking about instant 'no work' gigs!

Secrets Inside 5rr Fast Cash Formula

Why settle for $5 from each customer when you could be making $15 to $300+ from these same gig buyers?

It's true that there are a several of ways to make much more than $5 per gig buyer like...

  • Cross Selling Gigs - A simple method that works and turns a $5 customer into a $15+ customer
  • Joint Ventures - This sneaky method can bring in a flood of big payments and you don't even need to create a Fiverr gig or do any of the work yourself ...leading to $300+ profits!
  • High Priced Services Outside Fiverr - Extremely simple method that nobody does but can lead to gig buyers paying you $1,000s more
  • List Building Secrets - We give you many list building secrets some of them turn ALL your gig buyers into subscribers or even gig searchers into subscribers
  • Affiliate/CPA Marketing - I'll give you this 1 Free! It goes hand and hand with list building but you can also add it into some of your deliverables from your gig

We Also Reveal A Ton Of Other Secrets Like...

  • 3 places cheaper than fiverr to Outsource all the work for Completely Passive Cash!
  • How we make our Fiverr Gigs 'Pop out' and draw a ton of attention and buyer traffic
  • The biggest mistakes you Must Avoid ...otherwise your Fiverr success will be short lived or non existant!
  • How to make 100% certain you get tons of positive reviews starting from day 1
  • 5 Quick traffic methods that work... including 1 that could get you some high priced sales
  • Simple gig modifications that can get you more exposure on Fiverr ...we're talking delivery time, tags, videos and more
  • How to legally steal buyer traffic from Fiverr... this can lead to some nice profits
  • 1 simple thing you should always include in ALL gigs you deliver to bring in additional profits ...including high $ ones!
  • Our simple plan to get massive sales as quickly as possible by maximizing Fiverr exposure... we're talking $960+ per month from Fiverr alone!
  • SEO and Copywriting secrets to make sure your gig gets maximum buyers

Our Awesome Gigs Include

  • Instant Gigs - These gigs cater to the info product sellers and can bank you a lot of profits without you having to do any work
  • Quick Search Pro - This simple 20 minutes or less gig can have you dominating certain categories on Fiverr and it's fun!
  • Push Button Method - Let software do all the work for you while your inbox gets flooded with sales since Fiverr buyers Love these gigs
  • Featured Sniper Method - Becoming a Featured Fiverr gig has never been so easy, once you know this method you can get a flood of sales
  • Fiverr Arbitrage Method - Bring in big paydays (more than $5 per sale) by simply sending messages

You're Giving Me A Sweet Deal
Right Jeff?

Honestly, we could have easily turned this into 4 separate products and sold each one for $27 and most people would have thought that was a great deal, even my private coaching students think these tactics are too powerful to practically give away.

It's Not Even $97

Because my strong desire for you to be successful has completely taken over!

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More Happy Reviews...

I got the chance to see an early version of this and really like what Jeff and his Mystery collaborator have done with 5rr Fast Cash Formula. There are some excellent techniques here to gets lots of $5 payments - and these $5 payments quickly add up.

So much so, that I've let him include my brand new Fiverr For Warriors product before I sell it anywhere else - showing methods to use Fiverr to create income using the Warrior Forum. Put those together and you've got two powerful and modern systems for Fiverr Cash.


I got into fiverr a few weeks ago and have had considerable luck getting clients. After reading this report, Im confident that my fiverr revenues will be getting a good jump real soon.



Heard Jeff go thru these strategies on his show last night -- and, even though I know the contents ... I still bought this valuable guide. Live JoyFully!


I got a copy of this WSO and as a level 2 seller on Fiverr I can say there some solid info and methods inside it, which will save lots of valueable time to any Fiverr seller especially for new ones.


And don't forget that you build a BUYER list over Fiverr gigs. What do you have to spend over AdWords to do this? Here you even make money - seriously mad.


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